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When is Crawfish Season in 2016?

When is Crawfish Season in 2016?

07 December, 2015



When is Crawfish Season in 2016?

And so you ask.. When Does the Crawfish season start in 2015? Honestly that’s kind of a tricky question to answer. Unlike hunting, such as duck season where they provide hunters with a specific date as to when they can hunt duck, crawfish season does not have a specific date as to when the season actually starts. Usually the season starts at the time of year when crawfish are active enough to be caught in crawfish traps. If you were to ask any person or even an experienced crawfish trapper in Louisiana you might get a different answer from each person. Typically crawfish become most active between March and June so this is usually when the season hits its peak time for the season but crawfish do become available as early as late January through the month of February.

Louisiana is the crawfish capital in the United States and all other states do not even come close to Louisiana when it comes to crawfish volume. The only other country in the world that can compete with Louisiana in sheer volume of crawfish trapping is China. In the past, China was a fierce competitor with Louisiana fisherman until an international impasse exploded, the two countries were able to come to some sort of compromise for both sides. The water temperature has a direct impact on whether crawfish become active or not. The ideal temperature for fishing crawfish is at least above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there have been instances where people have caught crawfish while a lake still has ice covering it but that boils down to more then luck if anything. The water temperatures for each lake where crawfish are hunted can vary from lake to lake especially compared to northern states.

Hopefully that answers your question.. if you have any questions or wish to order some of the best live Louisiana Crawfish in the country then give the Louisiana Seafood Company a shout!


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