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Louisiana Live Crawfish

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Louisiana Live Crawfish

$3.00$4.00 Per Lb

Louisiana Live Crawfish: The absolute best Louisiana has to offer.

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Product Description

Louisiana Live Crawfish; hand selected Crawfish are so good you’ll be back for more. Nothing beats fresh Louisiana Crawfish. We provide the best Crawfish Louisiana has to offer. Our live Crawfish are picked up in Louisiana and immediately transported back to Tennessee. Throughout the season we offer both farm raised as well as wild caught Crawfish; standard field run and graded.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering indicate whether you are requesting crawfish by the sack or by the pound (washed & culled). Anything less than a sack will be sold washed & culled. Selects and Jumbos are sold ONLY by the sack. Those sacks average 30-33 pounds. Field Run sacks range from 28-38 pounds. Average sacks weigh 33 pounds.

All pricing is per pound.

Additional Information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Additional Sizes:

Less than a sack (Washed and Culled), Full sack Crawfish, 3 sacks or more Crawfish, Crawfish Selects, Jumbos


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