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When is Crawfish Season in 2016?

A Crawfish Primer

11 November, 2015



A Crawfish Primer

Crawfish Primer

Crawfish(otherwise known as Crayfish) are freshwater crustaceans that have a strong resemblance to lobsters but much smaller. They live in lakes, creeks, streams and rivers. Crawfish are considered opportunistic feeders and they eat a wide variety of foods, including aquatic insects, snails, minnows, and other crawfish. Male and female crawfish can be easily distinguished by examining the under (ventral) side of the body. Female crawfish have a small opening (seminal recepticle) between the latter pairs of legs while male crawfish have small gonopod legs used to transfer sperm to the female. The female crawfish produces an abundance of eggs, which are carried by the crawfish on the underside of abdomen until the eggs hatch.


Crawfish spend most of their time on the water bottoms and are extremely fast so it’s no uncommon for them to catch live fish with their pincers. Crawfish are general caught using traps which is by the far the easiest way to catch them. If you don’t have a trap made for catching crawfish you can try a net but that is much more difficult and one shouldn’t expect to have a lot of success in catching a lot of them in one swipe. Crawfish are also used as bait just the same way shrimp are used but the fact of the matter is that most people that catch or buy crawfish plan to have a seafood feast because of their amazing taste.


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